Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club is a place where your child can start their day right. We open at 7.45 and take children between the ages of four to twelve. While at our Breakfast Club they can take part in a wide range of activities including various sports and physical activities, indoor arts and crafts, board games, cooking and lots more. There is also a quiet area for children to relax in.
Our breakfast menu provides hot and cold alternatives each day, including cereal, toast, scrambled egg, beans on toast and pancakes. Children are encouraged to help prepare the snacks and to serve themselves. And when school time rolls around we escort the children directly to Woods Loke.

After School Club


We can also look after your child at the end of the day. We pick them up from school and provide a wide range of fun activities, as well as a quiet area where they can get their homework done, until we close at 6 o clock. This is a child-led club so we are constantly checking with the children what activities they would like to be able to do, what snacks they would like to have, and so on. This way they have some ownership of their time with us and are able to spend it in an environment where they feel comfortable.